For People Who Love Boating,
But Don't Want to Own a Boat!

Boating is an activity the whole family will love! Between skiing, tubing, fishing, cruising, taking out friends or just relaxing on the sand bar, there's something for everyone. And with The Carolina Boat Club, it's all fun, and no work!


Common Questions...

Who is the club meant for?

We're the ideal solution for those who've always wanted a boat, but just can't bring themselves to own one. We're also terrific for families looking for activities everyone will enjoy.

How do I know I'll get a boat when I want it?

Availability is everything for us. If you can't get your boat, we don't have a club. Here is how we ensure exceptional availability:

  • We maintain one boat for every 8 members.
  • Each member gets 2 half-day reservations to use at a time. This does not limit you to 2 uses, it means you can reserve 2 future uses and as soon as you use 1 you can reserve another. For a full day you may reserve 2 half day uses back to back.
  • You also get spontaneous use of any available boat without effecting your future reservations.

Is there a limit as to how often I can use the boats?

No. Use them as often as you'd like. There are no "per use" charges.

Can I use the boats after hours, or overnight?

Absolutely! We encourage evening trips after work or early in the morning. These actually make sense with us because a quick, hour long boat trip, doesn't mean another hour of prep and cleanup. You can even take our cabin cruiser over night. The only restriction is actually navigating the boats at night.

I'm new to boating. Can I get training?

Our club is ideal for new boaters. We offer complete training for both spouses.

What do I have to pay?

Besides your orientation fee and your dues, you are only responsible for the gas you use.

I'm just not sure I'll use the Club enough to justify a membership.

Boating is a fabulous activity for the family, a couple looking for some time together, and even individuals wanting to relax. If you can picture yourself going out 8-10 times per year, you can just about double that with the club.

With the club, there's no work or hassle. So no moans and groans when you pull back in, just give us the keys and go. And don't forget, having a ski boat, fishing boat, cabin cruiser, and pontoon means you can try different kinds of boating.