For People Who Love Boating,
But Don't Want to Own a Boat!

Boating is an activity the whole family will love! Between skiing, tubing, fishing, cruising, taking out friends or just relaxing on the sand bar, there's something for everyone. And with The Carolina Boat Club, it's all fun, and no work!

"I love the club and the staff is great! I get all of the benefits of being a boat owner without the hassles. I walk to the dock, jump in the boat and away I go. I don't have to worry about storage, driving the trailer, or clean it when I am done. Repairs and maintenance aren't my responsibility. I choose which type of boat to take. It's like having my own mini fleet."

-Ed Lawton

"Being as close to the lake as we are, I had to have access to the water. I was looking at a boat to purchase, but wasn't excited about the work involved. The club allows me to not have to worry about the cost and upkeep of my own boat. The Staff made the whole process painless. My time on the lake with my family was definitely the highlight of my first summer here in North Carolina."

-Tom Goldbach

"The best part of the boat club for us is: 'Get there and go. Get off and leave.' We love not having to worry about anything other than having a good time."

-Gavin & Linda Warner

The Carolina Boat Club

-Welcome to The Carolina Boat Club, a private club that allows members to enjoy boating on Lake Wylie at their leisure without the work and time commitment generally associated with owning a boat.

For about half the cost of owning one boat and keeping it in a marina, members have unlimited access to our variety of boats. No more deciding what kind of boat to buy, use the club's variety of runabouts, fishing boats, pontoons, and cabin cruisers.

We are perfect for families looking for activities everyone will enjoy; busy professionals who love the water, but don't have time to keep up a boat; or those who have owned a boat in the past and miss the lake.

Memberships are available to the public. We are conveniently located at Pier 49 Marina on the North Carolina side of the Buster Boyd Bridge.